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Hello, my name is Chelsea Watts.

I'm a Realtor, mother of three and wife to my absolute best friend and college sweetheart. We live in the northeast metro Atlanta and specialize in properties in Hall, Jackson and Gwinnett Counties.

In short, I love real estate because it's a people business. 


I get the distinct honor of coming alongside people and families through some of the most important transactions in their lives. We listen, ask questions and learn more about what home is to you. Ultimately, your home is so much more than an address, it's the walls that hold some of the most precious memories of your lives. 

We also know that buying, selling and renting real estate is rarely easy or straightforward. We strive to provide consistent support and an expert eye throughout your transaction to make it seamless for you.

We would love the opportunity to serve you for your Atlanta real estate needs.

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Church Road Realty was a dream born from a husband and wife that took a risk on a home on Church Road in pursuit of a different life for their family.

A family who knew that big step was the beginning of something beautiful. Something that would be challenging and scary but ultimately worth it.

We dreamed of an opportunity for our ‘work’ in real estate to be more than just transactions. To come alongside people and families as they find HOME. A team that loves people well and treats clients more like friends.

We’re excited to partner with you in whatever your journey requires with buying, selling and renting real estate in Atlanta.

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